Wine Fountain

The wine products are packaged in 20L KegKegs which are recyclable, decreases packaging costs, transport costs, storage costs and it increases shelf life (3 months from first pour)

The Wine Fountain machine comes in two models, The Oak Barrel Case and The Stainless Steel Display Case. The Wine Fountain dispenses the wine through a draft system and the contents itself will have no contact with air, CO2 or nitrogen. The wine is protected from any outside interferences. Serving wine this way increases shelf life (after opening a Wine Fountain the wine is guaranteed for 3 months if indoors and not in a sauna). This enables South Trade Ltd. to provide its customers with top quality wine at reasonable prices.

Current Portfolio

South Africa:

Glenwood vineyards
– Shiraz 2014
– Cabernet Sauvignon/ Merlot 2013

Wellinton Wines
– Chardonnay /Chenin Blanc 2014

New Zealand:

Allan Scott
– Sauvignon Blanc 2015
– Pinot Noir 2014

Wine Fountain – As the Winemaker Intended